My mother received her custom made birthstone necklace a couple years ago.  She always wears it and shows her friends how fabulous it is….
Connie Sandridge – Fairfield, Va

I love my custom made earrings of Stephanie’s that are very stylish with Smokey Quartz. I wear them all the the time and they match everything.
Mary Mills – Jackson Hole, Wy

The rings that my mom got me from Stephanie are so beautiful. They fit great and match everything.
Camilee Lihos – Staunton, Va

Fantastic jewelry that meets every occasion.  I have numerous pieces and I love them all. My bracelet with the little tourmaline stones is spectacular.
Pam Funk – Bowling Green, Ky

My family loves Stephanie’s jewelry. I have numerous necklaces and earrings and they are all fabulous. My daughters love all the silver earrings.  Always looking forward to new pieces to add to collections.
Carol Joyce – Richmond, Va