Handmade in the Blue Ridge Mountains

A Classic, Timeless, American Jewelry Designer

Stephanie’s artisan jewelry is handcrafted using traditional silversmith techniques. 14Kt gold-filled, sterling silver, oxidized sterling silver,  copper, semi-precious and precious gemstones chosen by Stephanie complete her American Made Collections.

Growing up in the retail business Stephanie has long admired a classictimeless style, in part for the ease of adaptions ranging from casual wear to formal, and in part so her jewelry may be cherished from generation to generation. Many museums, galleries and boutiques appreciate the high quality of traditional American silversmithing and creative design found in Stephanie’s collections.

Born in the Blue Ridge, Stephanie has an enduring love for the mountain way of life, horses and music. Three wild mustangs she has adopted and her rescue thoroughbred are stunning additions to her farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She also helps preserve the traditional dance songs of Appalachia by playing her fiddle with old-time mountain musicians at dances and events throughout the mountains and Shenandoah Valley.

We Can Easily Modify Jewelry Shown on Website

Since Stephanie makes everything by hand (nothing is cast) it is often very easy to accommodate custom design requests at no charge. Customizing samples shown in this website includes:
● Chain styles and lengths that are different than those indicated in the product description.
● Change a particular piece of jewelry in such a way that the stones are those of your choosing. Prices may vary due to stone choices.
● Provide your measurements for bangles to better fit.
● Make a custom Birthstone Necklace or Mother’s Necklace for you
using any of the designs that are already available or with slight variations. Prices may vary due to stone choices.
● Make a custom ring for you using any of the designs that are available but changing the stone that is shown. Whole, half and quarter ring sizes are available. Prices may vary due to stone choices.

Our Commitment To Nature’s Design

Stephanie’s jewelry is handcrafted using traditional silversmithing tools and eco-friendly state-of-the-art best practices. Materials, and environmentally responsible methods, are chosen with great care.

Stephanie’s studio, often lit with natural light, is a low-impact environmentally-friendly space suitable for her family pets to stretch out and take their naps in the sun on the slate floor. Chemicals are kept to a minimum and natural options are always preferred.